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Humanity Program

Hu-man-i-ty - the quality or condition of being human

The Selkirk Liver Society's Humanity Program recognizes companies who join us in educating the public and the media about alcohol use disorder, and supporting persons with liver disease caused by alcohol use in their recovery.

We chose the word "humanity" because our efforts are so focused on promoting the acceptance of persons with alcohol use disorder as human beings, deserving of the same connections and services as all others.


We believe humanity fits perfectly with the three components of our vision:



Shift attitudes in the media and the public to recognize that persons living with alcohol use disorder are human beings with disease can be found in all socioeconomic levels and conditions



Advance medical community acceptance that patients with alcohol-associated liver disease are an equal part of the larger humanity they treat every day


Mitigate conditions that create treatment barriers, threaten lives and/or isolate persons with alcohol-associated liver disease


We have developed three levels of annual contributions, based on the size of each company:



Large producers


Mid-size producers & distributors


Microbreweries and small wineries

We invite companies who choose to join us to use the Humanity logo on their website. 

In return for their contributions, we offer promotional and social media opportunities as both sides share stories and promote services and programs to promote a healthy, fulfilling life for persons living with alcohol use disorder whose disease has impacted their liver health. 

We hope to fill in the following sponsorship spots soon with companies that support our work!

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