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Leadership and support for persons living with liver disease caused by alcohol use disorder



The Selkirk Liver Society was founded in 2017 to support and advocate for persons whose liver health has been compromised because of alcohol. 

We hope you find our site informative and helpful! 

Thank you

to our supporters

We have created a unique funding model for our Humanity Program, allowing companies of all sizes to support our initiatives in a meaningful way.

We are also thrilled when we receive donations from individual donors. 

Alcohol use disorder is a disease. We should not be ashamed or embarrassed. We believe it is important to talk out loud about this disease and the challenges people face.  

6-month wait

Questions about the 6-month wait?

liver disease

Have you been diagnosed with liver cirrhosis? 

liver transplant

Looking for information about liver transplant centres?

Legal challenge

Interested in the legal challenge that brought us here?

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Alcohol Use


A disease. Not a character flaw.

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